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Boat tanks

    The boat tanks are made entirely of AISI 316 stainless steel and are destined for boats or yachts. Available are variants for fuel (diesel oil and gasoline), water or sewage. The products comply with the stringent requirements of the RCD 2013/53 / EU directive on recreational craft. Therefore, every unit produced is subject to a certified test procedure to ensure that all safety and quality requirements are met.

    ce mark 300

    A declaration of conformity is issued for each tank, and the product is CE marked.

    zbiornik 35l paliwo
    zbiornik 55l paliwo
    zbiornik95l paliwo
    zbiornik 250l paliwo
    zbiornik 200l paliwo
    zbiornik 150l paliwo
    zbiornik 125l paliwo
    zbiornik 500lp paliwo
    zbiornik 500l paliwo
    zbiornik 350l paliwo

    Each tank is equipped with 1 1/2 “filler stub connector and 1 1/4” level sensor stub connector, and an inspection hatch with a diameter of 200 mm. Depending on whether the tank is for fuel, water or sewage, the tank is equipped with a dedicated inspection hatch.

    All tanks, except for 35l, have additional baffles welded to the body on all sides, which additionally strengthens and stiffens the structure, and prevents excessive fluid swing inside the tank during operation.

    The standard series includes rectangular tanks of the sizes and capacities given in the table.

    standard tank dimmensions
    Nominal capacity [l]L [mm]W [mm]H [mm]
    500 horizontal1700785395
    500 vertical1700415745

    For each ordered tank, the exact location of the inspection hatch, the M8 earthing connection point on the upper wall, and any additional mounting brackets for fixing the tank to the hull structure are individually determined.

    Inspection hatches

    A series of universal inspection hatches was developed for the manufactured tanks, made of AISI 316 steel, equipped with appropriate connection stubs. Sizes of connectors are in accordance with the requirements of ISO standards falling within the scope of the RCD 2013/53/EU. The manholes are supplied complete with a NBR seal. Each tank is equipped with 1 1/2 “filler connection stub, 1 1/4” connection stubs for level sensor and an inspection hatch with a hole diameter of 200 mm.

    pokrywa rewizyjna paliwo

    Inspection hatch for fuel tank

    • 3/8″ fuel feed
    • 3/8″ fuel return
    • 3/8″ breathing port

    pokrywa rewizyjna woda

    Inspection hatch for water tank

    • 1/2″ water feed
    • 1/2″ breathing port
    pokrywa rewizyjna scieki

    Inspection hatch for sewage tank

    • 1 1/2″ sewage feed
    • 1″ breathing port

    Trapezoidal boat tanks

    The offer of certificated boat tanks is completed by a number of types of trapezoidal tanks that can be made to the extent shown in the figure.

    zbiornik trapezowy paliwo
    zbiornik trapezowy2
    zbiornik trapezowy
    zbiornik trapezowy wymiary
    Minimal capacity [l]L [mm]W [mm]H [mm]
    375 (horizontal)1700785395
    375 (vertical)1700415745

    *Warning. Actual tank capacities depend on the adopted variant

    We also implement individual tank designs for specific dimensions, shape and parameters, taking into account the requirements of relevant standards and regulations regarding these products. For such implementations it is possible to certify such a product.

    zbiornik podpodlogowy
    Non-standrad underfloor tank

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