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How to use the ladder with furling mast?

    furling mast 800x600 1

    Many sailing yachts are equipped with furling masts. In such systems, the mainsail is not pulled-up and down onto the mast along the track using slides, but is rolled up from inside the mast.

    We receive many inquiries on how to use a mast ladder for such masts.

    To use the mast ladder you need three things:

    • You need halyard to pull-up the ladder to the top of mast.
    • Obligatory you need to use additional belaying as rope (second halyard) for safety.
    • For more comfortable using you need to attach the ladder along the mast.

    As standard for attach the ladder along the mast we use the sail slides. In mast with furling system we haven’t typical tracks for slides. However most of masts have spare luff grove (picture bellow).

    cross section furling mast selden

    If you have spare luff grove in your mast, you can use to attach the ladder along the mast the sail slugs.

    sail slug A158 type

    You can to buy in our store the mast ladder without slides , and also to buy the slugs in our store or in your local sail shop. Remember: very important is to be sure of dimensions of your luff grove and to find sail slugs with right dimensions for that.

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