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Mast Ladder MastL

(32 customer reviews)

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Mast Ladder MastL is a professional webbing ladder for maintenance works on sailing yacht masts. It is very helpful during individual climbing the mast, periodic mast and rigging inspection and repair or replacement of installed equipment.

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We offer Mast Ladder MastL, a professional mast climbing ladder  made of high quality textile materials. As a supporting structure, were used two very durable certified polypropylene webbings manufactured in EU (strength up to 1500 kg each), and strong, specialized for technical sewing threads.

The product underwent rigorous testing for demanding marine conditions according to EU standards.

Now our ladders come with a 5-year warranty!

A triangular hanger made of AISI 316 steel with a strength of up to 2800kg is used to pull up the ladder over the mast.

The recommended working load is 200 kg due to the manufacturer’s high safety factor.

Attachment the ladder along the mast by slides safely stabilizes the user during climbing and working at height.


Always remember! When using the ladder, it is absolutely required to use professional means intended for this purpose and meeting all the requirements of belay measures designed to ensure protection against falling from a height.

Buy Now our New model additionally equipped with a functional bag that you can use while working on the mast.

Mast Ladder MastL Parameters:

  • brand new product, made in EU
  • ladder length (H)
  • material – webbing: polypropylene, threads: polyester
  • hanger – triangular ring made of AISI 316 steel
  • webbing colour: black, sewing: yellow
  • webbing width: 50 mm
  • step width: 17 cm
  • distance between steps 43 cm (comfortable size for tall users)

ladder draft

*auxiliary drawing, the number of steps is an example

Quantity of  sail slides depending on the length of the ladder MastL

length H [m]7.79.911.212.413.715.016.3
length H [ft]25.332.436.640.845.049.353.5
qty of slides:17222528313437


length H [m]17.618.920.121.522.724.025.3
length H [ft]57.762.066.270.474.778.983.1
qty of slides:40434649525558


Each ladder comes as standard with a set of nylon sail shackles for attaching the slides.


The ladder can be optionally equipped with set of A89 type nylon slides with dimensions:

A.89 slideA.89 dimmensions

– length: 32mm

– height: 21mm

– width: 15mm

If you choose the Slider Type: None option, the product will be delivered only with a set of plastic shackles.

If the A89 type sailing slides do not fit your mast, you can purchase additional slides and slugs in our store.

Buyers from UK: check article about purchase regulations after Brexit.

More information about Mast Ladders you can find on product page.

Other ladder sizes are also available on individual order. If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Handling time

1 working day


11.2 m, 12.4 m, 13.7 m, 15.0 m, 16.3 m, 17.6 m, 18.9 m, 20.1 m, 21.5 m, 22.7 m, 24.0 m, 25.3 m, 7.7 m, 9.9 m


A89 type, None



32 reviews for Mast Ladder MastL

  1. Paul

    Great ladder. Very strong

  2. Ray

    everything ok, thanks!

  3. Thomas

    Arrived quick and safe. Looks great

  4. Eric

    good quality webbing ladder, strong and safe, thanks

  5. Rickard

    Everything as described. Good product.

  6. Rick

    Great ladder. As described

  7. Jim

    Great seller. Thank you

  8. Steven

    solid product, good quality

  9. Tom

    happy with the quality and quick shipping

  10. Arne Georg Trondahl

    Good quality. Looking forward to safe mastclimbing. 😊

  11. Judit

    The ladder arrived quick, it is strong.

  12. Timothy

    I am very pleased with the quality and even more pleased that a nice bag is included. Thank you for the fast shipment!

  13. PeterF

    Great way to climb alone in you mast (with additional secured line off coarse). It take some getting used to getting your feet in the loops but. Overal a very good device, compact and easy storable. Good value for money. Also very fast delivery. Highly recommended.

  14. Johan Braet

    Uitstekende communicatie en snelle levering. Gemakkelijk te monteren . Stevig product dat weinig plaats inneemt aan boord. Een “must have” voor elke zeilboot.

  15. Harry Coulson

    Great product and good delivery. Make sure and get the right slugs, which I did by measuring and checking against the information on the website. Feels strong and secure for mast climbing.

  16. Gary

    Excellent, easy to climb and safe. I attached two halyards for extra safety and felt it was totally secure.

  17. Dale

    It did the trick. I also ordered the sail slides and secured them to the ladder with shackles. I’d like to say you need to be in decent physical shape to move up and down this ladder, I am old and fat and had some difficulty but felt secure on the device. Use a proper belaying device.

  18. Peter Zielinski

    I climbed for the first time today. I am not dissapointed. With a bit of practice I will be climbing the mast just for the beautiful views from the top.

  19. Jonty

    Prompt service and a very competitively priced product. It makes mast climbing much easier.

  20. AlbinBallad

    Excellent and tough built ladder. I can now climb to the top of my mast with ease and in complete safety (wear a climbing harness attached to foresail line). Yes, sometimes the steps twist which makes it hard to put your feet through but really its a non-issue. Also when there is a little bit of wind the steps can jam on the rigging when pulling up, again almost a non-issue. In my opinion a fantastic product worth every cent.

  21. John Rogerson

    I am very pleased with this and have been up my mast a few times now without much difficulty.
    However, this is probably a younger person’s ladder. The stiffer your joints the more likely it is that you will benefit from the same make of ladder with the closer steps, the MastS or even MastXS.
    Shoes make a big difference. Avoid anything with a wide rugged sole. You want to slip your feet into those loops without the edge of the tread on your shoes jamming. The wind can blow the loops a little and you need to be able to poke about with your toes. Tight work gloves might be handy too, I may have been unlucky when I skinned my hands on the webbing.
    Finally, think about what you would do if something failed. I have been using a bosun’s chair and a foot loop on separate belay devices on a spare halyard plus a climbing harness on an additional halyard as a 3rd line of protection. Be safe.

  22. Georg Birgisson

    Delivery was very fast and the product is as described and good quality.

  23. Glenn

    Good Quality … not recommended to use soft shoes or short pants … definitely can do work at the very top of the mast. Great Product !

  24. Willem van der Velden

    Een uitstekend product waarmee je snel en ook solo mee de mast in kan klimmen. Zorg voor een extra zekeringslijn voor je veiligheid. Door de dubbele lus bovenin kom je hoog en kan je aan de apparatuur bovenop de mast werken.

  25. Mark

    Good service and a clever bit of kit. I would recommend you wear sturdy shoes if spending any time aloft or your feet will suffer. Would definately recommend this kit and the company.

  26. Johnny Paaske

    Very easy ordering, Quick delivery, and superb product quality

  27. John

    Impressive build quality and great people to do business with. Makes going aloft a lot more straightforward – used for the first time yesterday to fit cheek blocks for lazy jacks, and felt very secure throughout. Highly recommended.

  28. Torsten

    Arrived quickly and looks great, very strong.

  29. Andrew Maxfield-Follis

    Product as described, prompt delivery.

  30. Ronalds Blums

    Quick shipping. Some plastic nylon sail shackles open up and come loose while climbing. Should cosider to replace them with metal ones. I chose L size steps. Almost too large (I am 186 cm tall)
    But othervise great product and good quality

  31. david uhlar

    We had to replace the anenometer at the mast head of our 32′ ketch “Annabella” and were lucky to be offered the use of a Mastl ladder. It was so good we ordered one immediately – reduces the difficulty and much of the risk substaintially – will definately keep for my new boat.

  32. Stefano

    Ottimo acquisto , permette la salita con estrema semplicità. Misura L per me alto 185 ok. Assolutamente da usare accoppiato con un sistema anticaduta. Ricevuto in solo 4 giorni a Rodi (Grecia)

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