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Additional slides and slugs

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You can choose one of the additional types of slides and slugs for your ladder.

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You can choose one of the additional types of slides and slugs for your mast ladder. The number of slides you need to order for a given ladder is given in the tables below. You don’t have to order shackles to connect the slides to the ladder additionally because we always deliver them together with the ladder. When ordering other types of slides than A89 type, select the ladder type -N and add the required number of slides you have chosen to the cart.

Qty of slides






Sail Slides A89 type

A.91A.89 dimmensions

Sail Slides A90 type

A90 slideA90 slide dimension

Sail Slides A91 type

A.91A.91 wymiary

Sail Slugs A158 type

A.158A.158 dim

Sail Slides A458 type

A.458A.458 wymiary

Sail Slides A558 type

A558 slideA558 slide dimensions

Sail Slides A1058 type

A1058A1058 wymiary

Sail Slides A1158 type


A1158 wymiary

Handling time

1 working day




A158 type, A458 type, A89 type, A91 type, A1058 type, A1158 type, A558 type, A90 type

3 reviews for Additional slides and slugs

  1. Darko

    top service

  2. Bjorn

    Easy and informative web shop order placement with fast delivery plus a very professional assistance given by phone!

  3. AlbinBallad

    Went for the A458 slugs. I first measured the thickness of the slug to see if it can fit through the mast groove. Then deciding on the type of slug by looking at the little measurement below each slug for how deep the mast groove is. Not sure if that was the intention, but regardless they fit very well. A458 also allows very little movement back and forth making it extra secure

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