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Mast Ladder MastXS

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We offer MastXS, a professional mast ladder with very short distance between steps for easy climbing mast of sail yacht.

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We offer MastXS, a professional mast climbing ladder with the shortest distance between steps for the easiest climbing. It is made of high-quality textile materials. Two very durable polypropylene tapes from the EU manufacturer (with a strength of up to 1500 kg each) and strong, specialized for technical sewing threads were used as the supporting structure.

The product underwent rigorous testing for demanding marine conditions according to EU standards.

Now our ladders come with a 5-year warranty!

A triangular hanger made of AISI 316 steel with a strength of up to 2800kg is used to pull up the ladder over the mast.

The recommended working load is 200 kg due to the manufacturer’s high safety factor.

Attachment the ladder along the mast by slides safely stabilizes the user during climbing and working at height.


Always remember! When using the ladder, it is absolutely required to use professional means intended for this purpose and meeting all the requirements of belay measures designed to ensure protection against falling from a height.

Product Parameters:

  • product made in EU
  • ladder length (H)
  • material – webbing: polypropylene, threads: polyester
  • hanger – triangular ring made of AISI 316 steel
  • webbing colour: black, sewing: yellow
  • webbing width: 50 mm
  • step width: 17 cm
  • distance between steps only 25 cm (very comfortable for users of medium and short height)

mast ladder MastXS draft








*auxiliary drawing, the number of steps is an example

Quantity of  sail slides depending on the length of the ladder MastXS

length H [m]
length H [ft]26.232.839.345.952.459.065.5
qty of slides:30384654627078


Each ladder comes standard with with a set of nylon shackles for attaching the slides.


The ladder is optionally equipped with A89 type nylon slides with dimensions:

A.91A.91 wymiary

  • length: 32mm
  • height: 21mm
  • width: 15mm

If you choose the Slide Type: None option, the product will be delivered only with a set of plastic shackles.

If the A89 type sail slides do not fit your mast, you can purchase additional slides and slugs in our store.


Buyers from UK: check article about purchase regulations after Brexit.

More information about Mast Ladders you can find on product page.

Other ladder sizes are also available on individual order. If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


10.0 m, 12.0 m, 14.0 m, 16.0 m, 18.0 m, 20.0 m, 8.0 m




A89 type, None

Handling time

2 working days

2 reviews for Mast Ladder MastXS

  1. Chris

    Very good quality. Low steps make it really easy to climb the mast alone. I am very satisfied.

  2. Wim Bruynseels

    Excellent product. Top quality. Helps heaps going up the mast solo.

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